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 #   Tree Name   Description   Individuals   Families   Sources 
1 ATHERTON Many Scotsons in the Atherton and Leigh areas might be descendants of William Scotson and Mary Morgan who lived in Liverpool in the late-18th Century.  539 161 148 
2 CARLTON, YORKS ¬†Descendants of George Scotson and Elizabeth Wilson of Bishopton, County Durham who mainly lived in Carlton-in-Cleveland until about 1885. ¬† 44 10 45 
3 CHESHIRE A small tree descended from James Scotson and Mary Bailey that was concentrated on the village of Pownall Fee near Wilmslow. 59 15 27 
4 CHORLEY The Chorley and Heapey trees are likely to have the same John as forethather in the 18th century. Being as he was from Radcliffe, this could unite these trees into the major Scotson Radcliffe tree. The Chorley descendants also lived in Radcliffe, Bolton and Adlington, as well as Darwen where the Scottson spelling was normally used.  298 88 111 
5 CO. DURHAM Descendants of William and Elizabeth Scotson who had 3 grandsons in Yarm, Yorkshire in 1777-1788. A large pocket of descendants today in Stockton-on-Tees and Middlesbrough areas. Others spread to Birmingham, Leicester and Salford. ¬† 961 325 231 
6 COLTON The earliest Scotson tree from records. These Scotsons lived in northern Lancashire (now Cumberland) in the Colton, Cartmel, Hatherthwaite and Hawkshead districts  189 60 6 
7 HEAPEY-STANDISH Descendants of John Scotson who lived in Heapey,near Chorley until 1732. Large families lived in Whittle-le-Woods and Charnock Richard in the early 19th century. Descendants spread to Liverpool, Wales and Victoria, Australia This tree includes a small line descended from John Scotson and Margaret Wignal of Standish, north of Wigan. Besides Standish, the family lived mainly in the Wigan and Warrington areas in the Coppull, Upholland in the 19th and 20th centuries. Evidently all male Scotson. in this line have passed away. There was intermarriage between the Heapy and Standish branches of Scotson 866 271 344 
8 LEEDS Earliest ancestor, Thomas Scotson, born in Yarm om 1785. a smallish tree concentrated in Hunslet and Fewston in Leeds area.  59 17 23 
9 LIVERPOOL A small Scotson family produced by William and Ann Scotson in the early-17th Cent in Westmorland. Their son Isaac married Ellen Park in Liverpool in 1759. Their children were born in Liverpool and Radcliffe. Scotsons in this tree are extinct. 39 11 24 
10 N. YORKSHIRE George Scotson was b. 1727 in Danby Wiske, North Yorkshire. His 10 children were born in Kirklevington, but the descendants were mainly found in Hartlepool before the 1850s.  171 55 106 
11 PENNSYLVANIA USA Originates from Carl Skadsen of Norway who emigrated to the USA in the 1880s 34 9 16 
12 RADCLIFFE This largest Scotson tree has John Scotson and Ann Heywood, who married in Bury 1659 at the root. Their grandchildren lived in Radcliffe, including Scotson Fold Farm,in the early-18th Cent. Descendants have spread to SW Lancs, South Africa, New Zealand and the USA.  10,544 3,169 1,258 
13 TOXTETH  60 16 35 
14 WESTMORLAND Descendants of Isaac Scotson and Ellen Park from Burton-in-Kendal, Westmorland who moved to Liverpool. Many of the descendants then lived in Bootle and Crosby, while others moved to Prestwich, South Manchester and Radcliffe. The male Scotsons are extinct in this tree. 54 15 48