Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.4679640, Longitude: -2.6026297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CALDWELL Albert  1874Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7757 RADCLIFFE 
2 CALDWELL Ann  1850Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3549 RADCLIFFE 
3 CALDWELL Annie Elizabeth  1876Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8193 RADCLIFFE 
4 CALDWELL David  1881Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8194 RADCLIFFE 
5 CALDWELL Elizabeth  1846Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3554 RADCLIFFE 
6 CALDWELL Elizabeth  1874Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I206 RADCLIFFE 
7 CALDWELL Hannah  1843Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3553 RADCLIFFE 
8 CALDWELL Herbert  1884Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8192 RADCLIFFE 
9 CALDWELL James  23 Nov 1843Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I208 RADCLIFFE 
10 CALDWELL James  1879Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I209 RADCLIFFE 
11 CALDWELL John  9 Apr 1841Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I210 RADCLIFFE 
12 CALDWELL John  1878Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7758 RADCLIFFE 
13 CALDWELL Joseph  11 Jan 1855Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3570 RADCLIFFE 
14 CALDWELL Joseph  1865Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9508 RADCLIFFE 
15 CALDWELL Joseph  1869Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I213 RADCLIFFE 
16 CALDWELL Leah  20 Sep 1882Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I214 RADCLIFFE 
17 CALDWELL Lewis  1885Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8195 RADCLIFFE 
18 CALDWELL Margaret Lavinia  1876Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I215 RADCLIFFE 
19 CALDWELL Mary  1839Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3552 RADCLIFFE 
20 CALDWELL Mary Ann  22 Jul 1871Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I216 RADCLIFFE 
21 CALDWELL May  1896Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I10551 RADCLIFFE 
22 CALDWELL Sarah  1852Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3569 RADCLIFFE 
23 CALDWELL Thomas  1813Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7782 RADCLIFFE 
24 CALDWELL Walter  1879Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7759 RADCLIFFE 
25 CALDWELL William  1864Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7754 RADCLIFFE 
26 CULSHAW Linda Margaret  Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I390 RADCLIFFE 
27 DAVIES Ellen  1864Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9507 RADCLIFFE 
28 DRAPER Henry  1825Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9953 RADCLIFFE 
29 DUNN Amelia  1820Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7756 RADCLIFFE 
30 FOSTER Susanna  1816Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3551 RADCLIFFE 
31 GLOVER Hannah  28 Mar 1807Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I533 RADCLIFFE 
32 GLOVER Thomas  1812Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I6312 RADCLIFFE 
33 GREGORY Sarah  25 Jul 1777Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I558 RADCLIFFE 
34 HEWITT Annie  1890Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9386 RADCLIFFE 
35 HEWITT Edith Emily  1892Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9387 RADCLIFFE 
36 HEWITT Ethel  1903Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9393 RADCLIFFE 
37 HEWITT Jane  1900Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9390 RADCLIFFE 
38 HEWITT Mary Ellen  1888Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9391 RADCLIFFE 
39 HEWITT Peter  1898Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9389 RADCLIFFE 
40 HEWITT Sarah  1895Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9388 RADCLIFFE 
41 HEWITT Thomas  1906Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9394 RADCLIFFE 
42 HEWITT Wilfred  1886Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9385 RADCLIFFE 
43 JENKIN Betty  1811Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I2592 RADCLIFFE 
44 JENKINS Mary  1840Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I947 RADCLIFFE 
45 MATHER David  1840Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8254 RADCLIFFE 
46 MATHER Margaret  1842Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8255 RADCLIFFE 
47 MATHER William  1818Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7755 RADCLIFFE 
48 MATHER William  1850Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8256 RADCLIFFE 
49 OGDEN Elizabeth  1873Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I1576 RADCLIFFE 
50 PIMBLETT Alice  1759Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7913 RADCLIFFE 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CALDWELL James  15 Jul 1884Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I208 RADCLIFFE 
2 CALDWELL Joseph  12 Jan 1855Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3570 RADCLIFFE 
3 CALDWELL May  Jul 1896Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I10551 RADCLIFFE 
4 FOSTER Hannah  25 Aug 1871Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I498 RADCLIFFE 
5 HEWITT John  1891Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I9392 RADCLIFFE 
6 PIMBLETT Jane  1760Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7914 RADCLIFFE 
7 PIMBLETT Samuel  1789Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I7910 RADCLIFFE 
8 SEDDON Irene  31 Jan 2017Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3437 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 CALDWELL Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3554 RADCLIFFE 
2 CALDWELL Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I206 RADCLIFFE 
3 CALDWELL Hannah  7 Apr 1861Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3553 RADCLIFFE 
4 CALDWELL James  7 Apr 1861Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3550 RADCLIFFE 
5 CALDWELL Mary  7 Apr 1861Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3552 RADCLIFFE 
6 CALDWELL Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I216 RADCLIFFE 
7 FOSTER Susanna  7 Apr 1861Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I3551 RADCLIFFE 
8 MATHER David  30 Mar 1851Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8254 RADCLIFFE 
9 MATHER William  30 Mar 1851Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I8256 RADCLIFFE 
10 MORT Lavinia  3 Apr 1881Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I992 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Chr    Person ID   Tree 
1 GLOVER Hannah  19 Apr 1807Golborne, Leigh, Lancashire I533 RADCLIFFE