Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.4864276, Longitude: -2.4973846


Latitude: 53.4864276, Longitude: -2.4973846


Latitude: 53.4864276, Longitude: -2.4973846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLAND George  31 Jan 1872Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I7524 RADCLIFFE 
2 BROOKS Martha  1831Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3572 RADCLIFFE 
3 BURNS Annie  1866Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9897 RADCLIFFE 
4 BURNS Arthur  1870Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9890 RADCLIFFE 
5 BURNS Clara  1871Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9900 RADCLIFFE 
6 BURNS Ebenezer  1865Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9896 RADCLIFFE 
7 BURNS Ralph  1869Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9899 RADCLIFFE 
8 BURNS Samuel  1867Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9898 RADCLIFFE 
9 COLLINGE Harold  11 Aug 1909Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I310 RADCLIFFE 
10 CRITCHLEY Nora  26 Sep 1917Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10605 RADCLIFFE 
11 GUEST Florence  1868Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3723 RADCLIFFE 
12 GUEST Herbert  1871Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3727 RADCLIFFE 
13 GUEST Rosina Matilda  1860Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3726 RADCLIFFE 
14 GUEST Sarah  1867Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3729 RADCLIFFE 
15 GUEST William Henry  1875Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3728 RADCLIFFE 
16 HODSON Albert  1900Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I8858 RADCLIFFE 
17 HODSON Ethel  1902Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10599 RADCLIFFE 
18 HODSON Harold  1910Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10601 RADCLIFFE 
19 HODSON Harriet  1904Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10602 RADCLIFFE 
20 HODSON John  21 Oct 1913Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I703 RADCLIFFE 
21 HODSON Thomas  1911Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10603 RADCLIFFE 
22 HODSON William  1905Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10600 RADCLIFFE 
23 ISHERWOOD Arthur  13 Apr 1900Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I869 RADCLIFFE 
24 ISHERWOOD Edith  23 Jan 1909Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I879 RADCLIFFE 
25 ISHERWOOD Ellen  21 May 1891Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10606 RADCLIFFE 
26 ISHERWOOD Frank  1 May 1897Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I885 RADCLIFFE 
27 ISHERWOOD Harold  9 Sep 1904Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I886 RADCLIFFE 
28 ISHERWOOD James  6 Nov 1892Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I896 RADCLIFFE 
29 ISHERWOOD Leah  12 Mar 1895Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I901 RADCLIFFE 
30 JAMESON Ellen  1850Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9916 RADCLIFFE 
31 MORT Bessie  2 Dec 1898Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I491 RADCLIFFE 
32 MORT Elizabeth  1821Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9913 RADCLIFFE 
33 MORT James  1786Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I761 RADCLIFFE 
34 MORT John  1889Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I832 RADCLIFFE 
35 MORT Rachel  1827Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9914 RADCLIFFE 
36 MORT Sarah  1840Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I1283 RADCLIFFE 
37 MORT William  1811Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9917 RADCLIFFE 
38 NOWELL Ellen  1904Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9513 RADCLIFFE 
39 NOWELL James Caldwell  10 Oct 1898Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9511 RADCLIFFE 
40 NOWELL John  1906Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9512 RADCLIFFE 
41 PRESCOTT Alice  1864Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3576 RADCLIFFE 
42 PRESCOTT Ann  1844Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I4490 RADCLIFFE 
43 PRESCOTT Ann  1860Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3575 RADCLIFFE 
44 PRESCOTT James  1832Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I4486 RADCLIFFE 
45 PRESCOTT James  1855Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3573 RADCLIFFE 
46 PRESCOTT John  1857Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3574 RADCLIFFE 
47 PRESCOTT Joseph  1842Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I4489 RADCLIFFE 
48 PRESCOTT Martha  1840Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I4488 RADCLIFFE 
49 PRESCOTT Mary  1835Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I4487 RADCLIFFE 
50 PRESCOTT Mary  1867Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I3577 RADCLIFFE 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ACKERS Robert  1917Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I1059 RADCLIFFE 
2 CALDWELL Elizabeth  1923Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I206 RADCLIFFE 
3 MORT James  1864Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I761 RADCLIFFE 
4 NOWELL Ellen  1905Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I9513 RADCLIFFE 
5 PRESCOTT Wright  1906Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I1688 RADCLIFFE 
6 URMSTON Thomas  1868Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I10708 RADCLIFFE 
7 WOOD Mary  1897Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I565 ATHERTON 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 CALDWELL Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I206 RADCLIFFE 
2 CLARK Alexandra  5 Apr 1891Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I250 RADCLIFFE 
3 MORT John  5 Apr 1891Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I832 RADCLIFFE 
4 MORT John  5 Apr 1891Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I819 RADCLIFFE 
5 MORT Lavinia  5 Apr 1891Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire I992 RADCLIFFE